Da Bounce Urban Film Festival 2019

31 Oct – 3 Nov: DBUFF 2019 | Pathé Tuschinksi, Pathé Arena

At our previous festival we took our visitors into the world of urban film. We screened more than 40 different urban movies including the films Jacobs Ladder, Brian Banks, The Best of enemies and the Surinamese film Wiren.

During the festival we want to give the audience “the full urban experience” and that is why our program existed of more than just film. During the festival our guests enjoyed workshops, urban music, talks, life acts and much more!

AND WHAT A GREAT TIME WE HAD! We want to thank you for the amazing vibe, the good reviews and your presence. See you at DBUFF Rotterdam in Feb 2020. More info coming soon!

Coming soon..

Da Bounce Urban Film Festival | 15 Feb 2020 | Rotterdam


Stay tuned for more info!