Da Bounce has always fought against racism and we are commited to keep on contributing to this struggle in all ways that we can.

Together with our partner Eye Film we have started a talkshow called #BlackFilmsMatter which we air on facebook live. The goal of  #BlackFilmsMatter is to unmask institutional racism within the Dutch film industry and force these institutes to take action in order to make the industry inclusive.

Check out the great article THE FILMKRANT wrote about the first edition of #BlackFilmsMatter!


Our first guest were:

Ashar Medina (screenwriter)

Sunny Bergman (documentary producer, activist)

Reguillo Wijngaarde (C.E.O DBUFF)

Ronald Simmons (Programming director Eye Filminstitute)

Chesney Giersthove (Director, producer)

Robin Ramos (Film student, director)

Svasti Sewnath (Film student)

Shanella Bleecke (Film student)


Please check out our first edition HERE on our facebook page.