The premiere of these films took place at DBUFF2021

The host of the evening was Lucinda Sedoc.

Pictures will be online soon!

A Film by director, screenwriter and producer Sergej Groenhart

When Mona, a mixed-race girl at school meets a black boy with dreadlocks, it’s love at first sight. When her mother, who is also black herself, forbids this because of the boy’s appearance, a conflict arises between mother and daughter.

Director: Sergej Groenhart // Script: Sergej Groenhart // Stars: Zoë Love Smith, Yannick Jozefzoon, Sophia Wezer / 18 min

About the director: Groenhart paints an underexposed but honest picture of the Dutch ‘black experience’. The Dutch film industry has discovered Groenhart as one of the fresh voices of his generation. In 2021 he will participate in a number of large existing and emerging television projects.

A Film by director, screenwriter, producer and actor Cyriel Guds

2 brothers who are complete opposites both suffer from heartbreak at the same time. When the eldest brother wants to help his younger brother with a one-night stand, in order to forget his heartbreak, he finds out the hard way that it is a form of escape behavior and he must heal himself first. But first the 2 brothers have an adventure…

Director: Cyriel Guds // Script: Cyriel Guds // Stars: Cyriel Guds, Cèlion Kerk, Yasmin Lois Blake, Ziarah Janssen, Samantha Wielkens

About the director:

Cyriel Guds, he is a Dutch actor and filmmaker. After his studies at the Theater School in Maastricht, he played roles in (television) series such as Heer & Meester, Zwarte Tulp, De Spa, Mocro Mafia and Undercover.

In 2016 Guds also makes his theater debut alongside Huub Stapel in the play Intouchables, after the French film of the same name. Cyriel had his cinema debut in the film “Suriname”

In addition, Guds works as an actor, writer and director on various short films such as Macho (2018), Babydaddy (2019), Snitch (2020) and Je Zusje (2020) and the new hit series Loverboy Amsterdam!

A Film by director, screenwriter, producer and actor Raymi Sambo

Carmen has been stalked by someone for a long time. She receives threatening letters, emails and whatsapps. She is at her wits’ end but fortunately finds comfort in her friend Jeffrey. Until they both find out who Carmen’s stalker is.

Director: Raymi Sambo // Script: Raymi Sambo // Starring: Sara Visser, Yamill Jones en Sia Cyrroes // 8 min

About the director: Raymi is known for his roles in SpangaS, Allstars and many more series! He also makes fantastic theater pieces such as F*CK the Police, Aan Niets Overleden and his latest success Kaap Liefde.

As a director, he has also made several films such as Pianissimo, On Nothing Death, The Neighborhood and Vriend Vader Enemy.