This submission segment is specifically  for novices filmmakers with medium or low budgets. DBUFF offers a fantastic opportunity for undiscovered filmmakers from all over the globe to showcase their Short Urban Film/Documentary at  “DBUFF Talent Award”. However only Dutch citizens  participants are eligible for an award & prizes.

DBUFF offers a platform to initiatives that stimulate the landscape of urban film. We build bridges, stimulate growth and offer insights into the great potential within the urban film segment. Aside from our annual festival, our film related activities include distribution, marketing, PR and events.

Last year 5.000+ people from both the industry and the public attended DBUFF.

The 7th Annual Da Bounce Urban Film Festival will take place in Amsterdam,  March 2021.

We look forward to see your submissions and welcome you to Da Bounce Urban Film Festival!

Who is eligible to submit to DBUFF?

•    Filmmaker/director age 18 and up
•    Film themes must be – Urban, Black Culture, Hip-Hop, Black Leading Actor/Actress or Predominantly Black Cast
•    Films can be any genre – Drama, Comedy, Horror, Adventure, Animation, Romance, Experimental, etc.
•    DBUFF accepts films and videos made by and/or about people of African  descent. Filmmaker needn’t be of African descent.
•    DBUFF will accept international submissions. However, only Dutch citizens participants are eligible for awards & prizes.
•    All submissions must be in Dutch or have Dutch or English subtitles.
DBUFF accepts also features; narratives and documentaries  for more information please contact us here

Does DBUFF have a film competition?

Yes. DBUFF Official Competition categories are: Best Short, Best Short Actor and Best Short Actress.  An independent jury

panel made up of industry professionals judges all films in Official Competition. Films in Official Competition must be

copyrighted no earlier than 2015. To be  eligible for the competition you must be a Dutch citizen

How do I submit my film to dbuff?

All film submission applications and submission payments must be completed online

Each film submitted must have a separate application with a separate application fee paid.

You may send your film to DBUFF  through Festhome or Freeway. See the buttons below!

Online registration

First you must sign up with FilmFreeway to submit to DBUFF. After registering, you will be able to fill out the online application form.

Submit application

The online application must be filled out completely. When you have completed the application, you must pay the submission fee and hit the “Submit Your Film” button. You will be notified  that your submission is completed.
To submit your film by online link vimeo platform preferred.
On the online application, make sure to fill out the requested video link information and provide a valid password.
Video link passwords must remain active until March 20, 2021.
If  you change the password to your link, before March 20 2021, you must send a new valid password by email to
All films submitted to DBUFF are previewed from start to finish by at least one member of the DBUFF programming staff. No film can be included for screening at DBUFF without having been previewed by  professional judges.

What are dbuff's submission deadlines & entry fees?

The submission deadlines are dates that your film must  be available via online link. Make sure the online link you are providing  its working and you have provided a valid password before the deadline.

Deadline & fees

•    Due to the corona virus DBUFF2020 has been postponed to 4 to 7 March 2021. New submission deadlines will be set soon.

When and how will I be notified if my film is accepted?

Notifications of acceptance will be emailed to the contact person listed in your application. Please make sure you notify us at immediately if there are any changes.
All accepted films will be posted on the DBUFF website.

If my film is accepted, what projection format will dbuff accept?

• DBUFF host theatre is all-digital such as: MP4,

• If there are any updates for projection, upon acceptance of your film, you will receive them.

• For the best screening possible, DCP is highly encouraged.

• DBUFF will not accept watermarked films for public presentation.


By submitting Untitled, the undersigned warrants that (s)he has the right to submit and exhibit the above-indicated film to DBUFF. Further, you will indemnify and hold harmless the DA Bounce Urban Film Festival, its directors, staff, sponsors and the theater exhibitor(s), its directors, management and staff against any and all claims arising out of DBUFF exhibition and promotion of said film, including claims made by filmmaker, should said film be programmed as part of the 2018 Da Bounce Urban Film Festival. DBUFF may use up to a 3 minute clip of said film for promotional purposes.